How to clean your glass stovetop?

I must say cleaning a glass stovetop is a pretty tricky thing to do. One thing that drives me crazy is how easy it is for a spill to turn into a hard stubborn stains – in just a matter of seconds.

– Use a blade when cleaning

I know it sounds weird but if you are dealing with stubborn burnt stains you can easily scrape them off with a blade – and the best blade you can use is a plastic one. That way you are less likely to damage the surface and scratch the glass stovetop.

– Use white vinegar when cleaning

The number one natural ingredient used for cleaning – white vinegar. It is very effective especially with glass stovetops. Simply spray some on the surface and leave it there for a couple of minutes so that it works its magic. Then wipe it.

– Use baking soda when cleaning

Not only can you use vinegar but you can also use baking soda. If your glass stovetop really needs a deep cleaning then the mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and some liquid soap will be your best friend.

Spray the vinegar all over the surface then sprinkle the baking soda. It will have a reaction so leave it there for a couple of minutes so that the baking soda and vinegar can loosen the grime and built-up.

The next thing you should do is dampen a cloth in a soapy warm water and wipe the glass stovetop.

Learn how to remove hot glue from a carpet

Unfortunately, glue drips happen especially when you are so focused on your project that you don’t pay enough attention to the glue gun. It is definitely not pleasant to drip it on your carpet but I have some good news for you – it is not that hard to remove it but you have to be really careful in order to avoid damaging the fibers of the carpet.

I have two methods for you. I call them the “Hot Method” and the “Ice Method”. You guessed it – one will involve using ice and the other iron.

Method 1 “The Hot Method”

In order to clean the glue stain using this method, it shouldn’t be dry. That means you either act very fast and start cleaning as soon as you make the stain or you use an iron to turn the glue liquidy again.

If you happen to notice the stain the moment you made it make sure you grab a paper towel and dab the area. That way you will be able to transfer the glue from your carpet to a different surface. In our case – the paper towel. If the stain has started to dry this won’t work.

In case the stain has dried already make sure you gran a thin cloth and an iron. Place the cloth on the stain and start ironing the area. This will heat up the glue and it will turn into a liquid substance. The cloth will absorb it and the stain will no longer be present on your carpet.

Method 2 “The Ice Method”

This cleaning method includes you freezing the glue. Grab a bag of ice cubes that is sealed and place it over the stain. Once the glue feels very hard you would want to peel it off.

A great tip I have is to use rubbing alcohol once you have frozen the glue. Soak a cotton swab in it and start rubbing the edges of the glue with it. This will loosen the grip it has over the fibers of your carpet and you will easily peel the glue.

The best ways to clean a shower head

Shower heads need to be cleaned just like everything else in your home. Shower heads get dirty pretty fast and they won’t work efficiently unless they are clean. Thankfully for you, I have found the best and most effective method to do the cleaning – and the best part is that you already have all of the needed ingredients in your home.

Are you ready to start cleaning?

The first thing you want to do is grab a toothbrush and start scrubbing any dirt and debris that are around the holes of the shower head.

Then proceed with mixing white vinegar and water (equal parts), then put it in a plastic bag. The next thing you are going to do is put that plastic bag around the head – the holes of the shower head need to be submerged in the mixture. You can either leave it there for an hour or if the head is really dirty – overnight.

Then remove it from the bag and wipe the surface. This is an extremely easy way to get rid of any limescale, dirt, debris that are standing in the way of your shower working the proper way.

Find out are you loading your dishwasher wrong

Recently I found out the right way to load a dishwasher and I discovered that I have been doing it wrong my whole life.

– You shouldn’t rinse before you put in the dishwasher

If you put a dirty plate directly in the dishwasher before you rinse it chances are the plate won’t be fully cleaned once you take it out. But this does not mean you should rinse it.

The only thing you should do is scrape food and let the dishwasher do its job.

– You shouldn’t load dishes on the top rack

Dishes are meant to be placed on the bottom rack. Do not stack them on the top because you might not take them out in a fully clean state.

– Pay attention to the direction of the dishware

To ensure the proper cleaning you should pay attention to the direction of plates and bowls. The bowls are meant for the top rack – the ones you place in the rear need to face forward, and the ones in front need to face towards the back.

Plates are meant to be placed on the bottom rack facing the center.

The Biggest Myths Regarding Carpet Cleaning

Some tips and tricks out there are just ridiculous and might end up causing even more damage to your carpet. Others are just simply ineffective and won’t do anything.

  • Vinegar

Yes, vinegar is a disinfectant but everyone recommends it for treating stains. Vinegar cannot remove stains. Vinegar is not that effective for these things. Many say that when it’s mixed with baking soda it does wonders – that’s not true either. Plus, it can damage the carpet.

  • Vacuuming

I have seen this so many times, and it’s far from true. Many say that vacuuming is bad for the carpet and the fibers of the carpet. It’s, in fact, one of the best things you can do to maintain your carpet. If you vacuum it at least once a week you will remove around 80% of the dirt. The high-traffic areas should be cleaned even more often.

  • Hairspray

Believe me, hair spray definitely won’t clean your carpet and it will end up leaving residue on it. This residue will end up collecting even more dirt. Plus, the hairspray might cause damage to the carpet.

  • New Carpets

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard – new carpets don’t need to be cleaned. There is literally no logic in this. Even if the carpet is new – it stills collects dirt, dust, bacteria so yes, definitely clean it.

  • Water

Have you heard that cleaning a carpet with water is the best method? Water can cause great damage when you are cleaning a stain. If, for example, the stain is ink what the water will do is make the stain become permanent.

  • Dish Soap

Do not even think about using dish soap on a carpet. It’s designed to remove grease and grime from food not clean your carpet. You can rinse a plate but you can’t rinse a carpet. The stain will become even worse.

  • Ammonia

Ammonia? This is a high-alkaline solution which can cause so much damage to a carpet. Plus, it’s toxic.

The best thing to do to your carpet has it regularly vacuum cleaned and letting a cleaning company steam clean it two times a year.

Office versus Home Carpets

Carpet Cleaning HomeOne thing is clear – a carpet is a nice addition to any place that accommodates people. There are various types of rugs, however, and each one of them is suitable for different places depending on many things. You need to take into consideration the intensity of the traffic on them, the distance to an outside door, access to direct sun light and many more. This is where the line between office and home carpets is drawn. According to many people there is no difference between the two but in reality they are barely similar.

Home carpets are something to consider

The home carpet is designed to add something more of a character to your rooms. Whether it is a living room carpet or a bedroom one it is always more of a design piece rather than a practical one. At home you can go with something that has a finer fabric and a very fancy finish. Even if your carpet is somewhat capricious when it comes to cleaning it still might be worth it because you won’t have to give it much attention very often. Just a special cleaning session once in a while will be enough for the rug to stay intact.  You can go crazy and buy something with long and fluffy pile which will really add to the character of the room. Your kids will have a lot of fun on it and it will impress your relatives when they come over. It will also give you extra warmth and soundproofing. Longer pile will also trap more dust and remove it from the air that your family breathes. You only want to keep it away from direct sunlight depending on the colour pattern. If it is a white carpet then no problem – you will only have to take greater care of it in terms of cleaning but fading won’t be a problem. Colourful or darker carpets can really show wear with time.

Your office carpets need to be really special

When it comes to your office the picture totally changes. You need to know in advance whether the carpet is going to be placed in a heavy traffic area or in a small office. If it is only for your study then approach the matter as if it is a home carpet. Not a lot of people walk in your office but most of them will do it with shoes on. So you might want to get something darker with shorter pile. If you want to put it at:

  • A waiting room
  • Near an outside door
  • A hallway
  • The office kitchen

Now if the carpet is going to be laid at some of these locations then it must really be one to endure a lot of beating. People will walk all over it with dirty or wet shoes with no regard whatsoever. This might question the whole idea of having a carpet there at all. You might want to stick with something that is easily cleaned and won’t show much wear – maybe a hard floor.

How to vacuum more efficiently

Maintaining a perfectly clean home is a must.

VacuumingNo matter whether you are among the privileged (or overwhelmed with work and other obligations) who have professional cleaners at their disposal to carry out the work, or you do your home cleaning on your own, you should make sure every single step of the process is carried out properly.

In order to achieve that we have gathered several tips that will help you make the vacuuming process far more efficient. Follow them and you will notice that your home will become much cleaner.

  • The most important thing you should do in order to take the most out of the capabilities of your vacuum cleaner in to empty the bag before it is completely filled. This will do magnificent things to the suction power of your machine.
  • The same goes with the filters. Vacuuming with a dirty filter is just as inefficient for your domestic cleaning as not vacuuming at all. You’d better check the website of the manufacturer of your vacuum in order to find recommendations about how often you have to replace the filters.
  • There are several things that you should avoid trying to vacuum at all cost – large pieces of glass, fine dust, wet floors, fireplace ashes, coins, paper clips and other small objects. Attempting to clean off any of those items will irreversibly damage your vacuum cleaner.
  • On the other hand, here are several spots that you are most likely to forget to treat with the vacuum cleaner, while they are going to make a good use of such care. These are the blinds and shades on your windows, as well as the mattress, the fridge coils, the drawers, heating ducts and air-conditioning vents, as well as the brooms.
  • Cleaning upholstery, light fixtures and other above-the-floor areas is the best way to fight allergens in your home. In order to do the job as efficiently as possible, there is just one thing to do – use the dusting brushes and crevice tools of your vacuum cleaner. Those attachments have been designed in order to accommodate cleaning such hard to reach areas, and they are doing their job pretty fine.

If you follow the above described tips and not forget to carry out your vacuuming duties on a regular basis, you will definitely make your home cleaning a much easier and pleasant job. Otherwise you could contact a professional end of tenancy cleaning company in London.

Removing pet stain in several easy steps.

Pet Stain RemovingYou love your cat or dog, this comes without saying. But you have to admit that no matter how great your love is, there are times that you wish you have got a fish in a bowl, or no pet at all. Unpleasant pet odor might very well turn out to be the most common reason for such hard feelings.

But have no fear! Either call up your local professional cleaners like Carpet Cleaning Kensington a couple of times a year in order to refresh your carpets and upholstery and remove the unpleasant smells, or in case you feel confident in your cleaning abilities, follow those easy steps that will both help you get rid of pet odor, and give a fresh new look to your household:

  • The first thing you have to do is gather the supplies needed in order to get the pet odor and stain cleaning job done. Those include a towel (or better – an absorbent rag), bacteria digester, plastic rag, white vinegar and water.
  • If the stains are fresh start off by placing the towel or rage on the spot in order to blot the liquid. Apply gently and then press it harder so that more of it is absorbed. Change the towel with a fresh one if necessary.
  • Any pet store would sell you quality bacteria digester to apply on the damaged area after you have gotten rid of the liquid. It is actually the most efficient solution to getting rid of both the stain and the odor. Have in mind that the products usually have to stay for some time before they have effect, so read the label carefully and follow the instructions on it.
  • In order to achieve best results, cover the damaged area with a plastic wrap after you have applied the bacteria digester. Thus you will prevent the solution from drying out and it will reach the deep parts of your carpet/upholstery’s fabrics.
  • If the stain is really serious, you will have to treat the damaged area before you apply the digester with a simple homemade solution that will ensure no unpleasant pet odor remains. The solution in question is prepared by mixing a cup of white vinegar with a gallon of warm water. All you have to do is rinse the stain with it, and then apply the bacteria digester following the steps that have been described above.