Do you have a white sink in your kitchen? Here is how to clean it!

I know a lot of people that have white sinks in their kitchen – it’s a popular option that looks great.

What about cleaning? Well, staining your white sink is definitely a disaster! Maintaining it clean is a bit tricky but not impossible. I have found an amazing recipe for a cleaner which you can use to keep your sink in a good condition. This recipe even includes only natural ingredients you probably already have in your home!

Here is the recipe!

You will only need a few things – baking soda, Castile soap, lemon essential oil, and water.

Mix a cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of Castile soap, 15-20 drops of the lemon essential oil, and 1/4 cup of water either in a mason jar or some type of a plastic container so that you can store what is left of the mixture and use it later when you need it.

Now, when cleaning you will also need a damp cloth. Apply a little bit of the mixture on the cloth (I usually add a tablespoon) and I start scrubbing the sink. Of course, once I am done I rinse the sink.

Why is this recipe for a cleaner so amazing? Well, the baking soda does a great job in removing any food particles and impurities that have stuck on the surface. The soap will not only clean but will disinfect the sink, and the essential oil will further remove stains as well as any bad smells!

You can also use it for the sink in your bathroom since it is most likely white as well!

How to deal with a rust mark and remove it?

Some have experienced a rust mark in their white sink. This happens when you leave something metal in there.

You can remove it by sprinkling kosher salt, cutting a lemon in half and scrub the salt with it. The combination of salt and the acidity of the lemon will remove the rust without scratching your sink!

What about tomato stains? How to remove them?

The most common problem people with white sinks have is… tomato stains. You made pasta and now you sink is covered in tomato sauce, I get it! You ate french fries and you happen to spill a little ketchup in your sink? I also get it!

All tomato-based foods will stain your white sink – and there is one way to deal with them!

Now, if you just spilt some type of a tomato-based food you can easily remove it with the cleaner I told you about and a scrub brush.

If the tomato stain has set then you can sprinkle baking soda and use half of a lemon to scrub the area.

If the stain is really stubborn then you can pour bleach on it and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. If you do decide to use bleach – please, open all of the windows in your kitchen since having good ventilation is very important!