Find out are you loading your dishwasher wrong

Recently I found out the right way to load a dishwasher and I discovered that I have been doing it wrong my whole life.

– You shouldn’t rinse before you put in the dishwasher

If you put a dirty plate directly in the dishwasher before you rinse it chances are the plate won’t be fully cleaned once you take it out. But this does not mean you should rinse it.

The only thing you should do is scrape food and let the dishwasher do its job.

– You shouldn’t load dishes on the top rack

Dishes are meant to be placed on the bottom rack. Do not stack them on the top because you might not take them out in a fully clean state.

– Pay attention to the direction of the dishware

To ensure the proper cleaning you should pay attention to the direction of plates and bowls. The bowls are meant for the top rack – the ones you place in the rear need to face forward, and the ones in front need to face towards the back.

Plates are meant to be placed on the bottom rack facing the center.