Follow This Recipe For A Wooden Floor Cleaner!

Do you enjoy making your own cleaners? Are you a fan of using natural ingredients when cleaning your home instead of those commercial cleaners that are packed with harsh chemicals? Well, I am too! I have strong allergies and I try to avoid commercial cleaners at all cost. Plus, it’s way cheaper to make your own rather than buy it!

However, if you have wooden floors, making a cleaner can be tricky because there are certain common ingredients you cannot use. For example, in most DIY cleaners people use vinegar but if you apply vinegar to a wooden surface, it will damage it.

I want to warn you that there are a lot of wooden floor cleaners recipe on the internet that do contain vinegar – do NOT make them! You will be disappointed and left with damaged wooden floors, and no one wants that!

So How To Make A DIY Cleaner For Wooden Floors?

You will need a few ingredients – Castile Soap, water, your favourite essential oil, and a spray bottle where you will store the cleaner.

Start off with adding 1-2 drops of Castile Soap into the spray bottle followed by 2 cups of warm water. Then add 5 drops of your favourite essential oil. If you want the cleaner to have antibacterial properties I suggest you use lavender or tea tree essential oils since they are known for being great disinfectants. If you want, you can mix a few drops of different essential oils to create a unique smell. Sometimes, I like adding 2 drops of lavender and 3 drops of lemon, the scent is amazing!

Use the cleaner by spraying the wooden floors with it then wipe with a microfiber mop!