How I Clean My Sink Faucet With Vinegar?

How often do you tend to clean your faucets? I am sure you take care of the ones in your bathroom as well as your shower head, however, most people tend to forget about the one in their kitchen. But this chore is super important because build-up, hard water stains, and other impurities tend to get in the way of the water and the faucet starts to become damaged. If you don’t want to replace faucets every few years and you like the one you have right now then you need to take extra steps and actually clean it at least once a month.

Thankfully, the cleaning process isn’t complicated at all – it’s super simple and you just need a few household ingredients. Today, I will show you exactly how I clean my faucets – both in my kitchen and in my bathroom, with just vinegar. No fancy commercial cleaners – just vinegar!

How I Clean My Sink Faucet With Just Vinegar?

You need to prepare three things – white vinegar, a bag, and a rubber band. I am sure you have probably already heard of this hack since it’s super popular, however, if you have never tried it then I can guarantee you will love how effective it really is!

Fill the bag with white vinegar then place it over the faucet. You want to submerge as much of it as possible in the vinegar. Then secure the bag around the faucet with the rubber band I told you to prepare.

Then just go to bed and leave the bag overnight. The vinegar will work its magic and will get rid of all impurities and build-up as well as any hard water stains that are on your faucet.

In the morning, remove the bag and rinse the faucet. Then make sure you wipe it with a cloth to avoid more hard water stains from forming – and you are ready!