Learn how to remove hot glue from a carpet

Unfortunately, glue drips happen especially when you are so focused on your project that you don’t pay enough attention to the glue gun. It is definitely not pleasant to drip it on your carpet but I have some good news for you – it is not that hard to remove it but you have to be really careful in order to avoid damaging the fibers of the carpet.

I have two methods for you. I call them the “Hot Method” and the “Ice Method”. You guessed it – one will involve using ice and the other iron.

Method 1 “The Hot Method”

In order to clean the glue stain using this method, it shouldn’t be dry. That means you either act very fast and start cleaning as soon as you make the stain or you use an iron to turn the glue liquidy again.

If you happen to notice the stain the moment you made it make sure you grab a paper towel and dab the area. That way you will be able to transfer the glue from your carpet to a different surface. In our case – the paper towel. If the stain has started to dry this won’t work.

In case the stain has dried already make sure you gran a thin cloth and an iron. Place the cloth on the stain and start ironing the area. This will heat up the glue and it will turn into a liquid substance. The cloth will absorb it and the stain will no longer be present on your carpet.

Method 2 “The Ice Method”

This cleaning method includes you freezing the glue. Grab a bag of ice cubes that is sealed and place it over the stain. Once the glue feels very hard you would want to peel it off.

A great tip I have is to use rubbing alcohol once you have frozen the glue. Soak a cotton swab in it and start rubbing the edges of the glue with it. This will loosen the grip it has over the fibers of your carpet and you will easily peel the glue.