Office versus Home Carpets

Carpet Cleaning HomeOne thing is clear – a carpet is a nice addition to any place that accommodates people. There are various types of rugs, however, and each one of them is suitable for different places depending on many things. You need to take into consideration the intensity of the traffic on them, the distance to an outside door, access to direct sun light and many more. This is where the line between office and home carpets is drawn. According to many people there is no difference between the two but in reality they are barely similar.

Home carpets are something to consider

The home carpet is designed to add something more of a character to your rooms. Whether it is a living room carpet or a bedroom one it is always more of a design piece rather than a practical one. At home you can go with something that has a finer fabric and a very fancy finish. Even if your carpet is somewhat capricious when it comes to cleaning it still might be worth it because you won’t have to give it much attention very often. Just a special cleaning session once in a while will be enough for the rug to stay intact.  You can go crazy and buy something with long and fluffy pile which will really add to the character of the room. Your kids will have a lot of fun on it and it will impress your relatives when they come over. It will also give you extra warmth and soundproofing. Longer pile will also trap more dust and remove it from the air that your family breathes. You only want to keep it away from direct sunlight depending on the colour pattern. If it is a white carpet then no problem – you will only have to take greater care of it in terms of cleaning but fading won’t be a problem. Colourful or darker carpets can really show wear with time.

Your office carpets need to be really special

When it comes to your office the picture totally changes. You need to know in advance whether the carpet is going to be placed in a heavy traffic area or in a small office. If it is only for your study then approach the matter as if it is a home carpet. Not a lot of people walk in your office but most of them will do it with shoes on. So you might want to get something darker with shorter pile. If you want to put it at:

  • A waiting room
  • Near an outside door
  • A hallway
  • The office kitchen

Now if the carpet is going to be laid at some of these locations then it must really be one to endure a lot of beating. People will walk all over it with dirty or wet shoes with no regard whatsoever. This might question the whole idea of having a carpet there at all. You might want to stick with something that is easily cleaned and won’t show much wear – maybe a hard floor.